Jim Joseph
Global President of BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe), https://bcw-global.com

Recommendation privately available if requested.

Michael Coakley
VICE PRESIDENT AT TENEO STRATEGY, http://www.teneoholdings.com

“Alex was a fantastic partner and helped deliver a high quality work product for a high profile client. He was great to work with, was reliable, and delivered a creative final product. I would recommend him to anyone looking for high-quality video production.”

David Bresler
President of Network!Network!, http://networknetwork.net

“I hired Alex to produce a video for my web site and he came through with flying colors. The results were outstanding, he has the highest integrity, is extremely creative. It was his concept that we used. He managed every detail of the entire production with consummate skill. In addition, he is extremely personable and a true expert. He was on time with everything and the value, in fact, the entire product was orders of magnitude beyond my (high) expectations. I would hire Alex again in a New York Minute. Thank you, Alex!”

Maureen Lippe
Founder & CEO of Lippe Taylor,  http://www.lippetaylor.com

“Alex’s work has a striking balance of cinematic creativity and corporate professionalism along with exceptional attention to detail. He listens intently to his clients and will not rest until the finished product is perfect. His work is always on point, always on time, and above and beyond expectations. Additionally, he is a genuinely good person and a pleasure to collaborate with. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Anthony Buttler
President of Can Do Ideas, http://www.candoideas.com

“Alex is a professional storyteller whose medium is video. He is able to draw stories out in a unique way. I have worked with him a number of times and would jump at the chance to work with him again.”

Carmen Yazejian
President of Network9,  http://network9.biz

“Alex is just plain terrific to work with. His work is professional, creative and his videos are full of personality. He is a doll to work with, and gets the job done. I recommend him to anyone who wants to jump into the world of film!”

Owner, Let Them Eat Cake, Ltd. and Food Production Consultant.  http://www.letthemeatcakenyc.com

“Alex and his company are super top-notch. I highly recommend him for any video or web-based work. We got the best results for a fantastic price and he could not be nicer to work with.”

Janine Buis
President of GrowthTera, http://GrowthTera.com

“Alex is a pleasure to work with! He makes it easy to quickly capture professional video testimonials wherever your customers may be. He uses video to create powerful stories and knows how to effectively use those in campaigns.”

Paul Mesches
Owner of Porte Advertising, http://porteadvertising.com

“I worked with Alex on a couple of projects. In each instance, he got up to speed very quickly, understood our objectives and, after assessing the situation, determined a course of action that served our and our client’s needs. His inputs were substantial and almost always within budget constraints. When costs increased, the value was always disproportional to the modest overages.”

Mark Kravietz
Managing director, Partner of High Tower, https://www.hightoweradvisors.com

“I was very lucky to find Alex, as I can’t imagine a better, more creative person to work with. He took my initial script and not only improved the impact of the written words, but his visuals strengthened the message beyond my expectations. I’m so happy with the final video and have gotten many compliments but, more importantly, earned new business opportunities because of it.”

Giusi Mastro
Owner of Ora Studio, https://www.orastudionyc.com

“Cartouche Creations is a very professional company with vast knowledge in the field of media and digital marketing. Alex Vachon made two very wonderful and informative videos showcasing my Design Firm ORA studio and I was very happy with the outcome.”

Jim Ewing
Owner of Superior Resource Printing & Graphics, https://www.superior-resource.com

“Alex Vachon is the consummate pro. He made the videos fun, affordable, and professional.”

Rick Raymond
Owner of The Growth Team, https://thegrowthteam.org
“Alex helped me with my video branding campaign. His technical skill in video branding, level of professionalism, attention to my needs were invaluable.”