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Why not spice up your meetings with a little bit of Facebook Live?

I took the liberty of creating a networking group that would not be focused on generating leads, but rather generating a good time. Within the limits of what you would expect from a business-oriented event, of course. Feeling good will be the main goal of these meetings as we discuss ways to make our lives better. You can check out the meetings right here:

At the last meeting , I asked the participants to share the highlight of their careers so far. The stories were uplifting, and they directly told us each one of the participants were really about, what aspect of their workmade them feel fulfilled. This Wednesday, I’m going to ask them to share one of their best techniques to feel good, to pivot, to stay in the zone. Hope you can join us. Reserve your seat here

If you can’t bring yourself to Kettle Space in Tribeca, I invite you to go to Facebook Live and attendon my Facebook Cartouche Creations page:

I hope to see you tomorrow, one way or another!

The Killer Elevator Pitch by Rochelle Lisner – Network!Network! Forums

She is entertaining and one of the most brilliant speakers I’ve heard, Rochelle Lisner provides insights and tips on how to create a killer elevator pitch.

To learn more or contact Rochelle Lisner:

This video is sponsored by Network!Network!, a structured business networking group that is one of of my main sources of business and knowledge for my business. We’re a boutique video production company based in New York city. Contact us to learn more about the formidable power of videos to promote your company.

Video Blogger Alfie Deyes With Millions of Viewers Interviewed by WSJ

Check out Alfie Deyes’s interview on the Wall Street Journal.  Businesses are now paying attention to video blogging or vlogging.

There is a ton of things to learn from kids like Elfie.

Among other things:

  • Create regular and constant content.
  • Providing entertainment and having fun making it.
  • Know what your audience wants to watch.
  • Enjoy sharing as much as you can.
  • Be true to yourself and true to your audience.
  • Expand your reach with books, podcasts, radio, live casts, events, TV.

What else do you think is appreciated by audiences watching video blogs?


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