Paradigm Shift


If I had to describe Paradigm Shift in a nutshell, I would say that it’s Shark Tank meets

American Idol for a better world.


The concept is based on a fast growing phenomenon taking place in business schools

and incubators around the world: Impact investing and social entrepreneurship.

Paradigm Shift will bring this gamechanging phenomenon to the American mainstream.


The Format:

● The show is aired live once a week.

● It brings together onto the same stage…

○ Entrepreneurs who want to change the world while making a profit.

During their pitches, entrepreneurs will reveal how much they are seeking

from investors and the public. For example, $250,000 in investments

and/or crowdfunding.

○ Impact investors looking for financial and social returns on investments.

○ The public in the studio and at home who are invited to vote with their

money by pledging dollars to startups with social mission that appeal to



Why Paradigm Shift?

The show has several Paradigm Shift​moments. For example, when a startup receives

the $250,000 from the viewers (mostly from $20 donations, but sometimes $50,000),

some investors will change their mind and invest in that startup. When investors say

yes to a startup, this can create a major improvement in a community or on the

environment. And of course, the main Paradigm Shift is the new form of capitalism

based on contributing to social and environmental causes, not simply financial bottom


Whats in it for startups?

● A once in a lifetime opportunity to pitch their business plan to a panel of impact

investors and a live audience and possibly triggering support for their company.


For investors?

● The show presents them with preselected premium social enterprises. Investors

also get national and international exposure.

Whats in it for the audience?

● The thrill and satisfaction of having a positive impact in the world by helping

entrepreneurs move forward with their missions.

● The excitement of provoking a Paradigm Shift on the show.

Paradigm Shift will be a great success in the United States and will be produced in other

large countries. It will educate audiences everywhere on a movement among capitalists

to invest in social entrepreneurship and will spark young minds to even dream of a

better world.


A full scripted episode is available.

If you want to join the pioneering team that will put together this project, contact Alex

Vachon with the form below.

Written by Alex Vachon All rights reserved Cartouche Creations LLC.



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