Product/App. Demo: MyAnalysis

XL Group is a global insurance and reinsurance company.  MyAnalyais is a unique interface developed by XL Group to supply crucial information to their clients.  We created this demo video to help introduce its benefits on their website and in trade shows.  We have more than 12 videos in the works for XL Group, with many more to come.

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To learn more about XL Group, visit http://xlgroup.com.

Alex Vachon’s Video Blog with LinkedIn Guru Marc Halpert, Part #3

In Part #3 of 3, Marc Halpert and Alex Vachon continue their conversation about best practices for LinkedIn, where more than 300 millions users connect to increase their network and business.

To watch Part #1, go here: http://cartouchecreations.com/how-to-get-traction-on-linkedin-alex-vachons-guest-marc-halpert-p-1/

http://cartouchecreations.com/blog Alex Vachon has a video blog that provides precious insights for businesses as he interviews the best people in the field of marketing, social media, and business development.

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So how is LinkedIn working out for you ?  Have you had the chance to add videos to your LinkedIn profile?