Alex Vachon Says Thank You!

My deep appreciation for all the television producers and marketing agencies that I had the good fortune to work with, for the past 20 years.  I’m looking forward to another 20!

Alex Vachon.  Award-winning creator, director, editor, producer




The opening sequence for a web series on commercial real estate.  We did 3 amazing episodes.
Thank you Can-Do Ideas!
I love testimonial videos for their social proof!  This ad was made for the real-estate agent market.
Thank you CallAction!





Here are some images of a show on cutting-edge science and technology I worked on.
Thank you Pixcom International!


My work directing a TV comedy show on idiomatic French expressions.  52 episodes!
A lot of work, but a lot of fun to make!  Thank you ECP!

We created and produced 4 promotional videos for Ponce De Leon Bank.
Thank you Porte Advertising!


I had the honor and pleasure to make a testimonial video for renowned
Italian American architect Giusi Mastro.  Thank you Giusi!


A powerful collaboration between the client who shot the testimonials, and yours truly,
who edited and packaged them into an impactful testimonial video.
Thank you Superior-Resource Printing and Graphics!




A big thank you to Jim Joseph, Global President, BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe), who brought me in as additional shooter (we shot everything on these amazing phones) and editor on this important event for Nokia.  Thank you BCW!




A beautifully-shot testimonial series (thank you Alex Di Suvero) for Alumera, an anti-aging cream.
Thank you Alumera!



A motion graphics video for project management SAAS Opscheck.  I created the concept,
but hired a motion graphics artist to produce the final product.  Thank you Opscheck!


zSeven's Indiegogo video was a project close to my heart because zSeven is survivor.
I was proud to help him come back on the pop music scene and help him raise
some money.  Thank you Veronique Gautier-Vencat of the Brand DNA Lab!



An explainer video for an interesting concept.  Thank you Consulpay!


I directed 4 videos for international for Teneo, a global PR consultancy firm.  The Rockefeller Foundation was the focus of the videos.  Thank you Teneo!


Winner of the Gotham Network Best Short Fiction Film category, 2015.  The video was made
way before Siri was invented.  Thank you Gotham Network!


I was nominated as Best Directing of a Cultural Episodic Show, at
the Canadian Genie Awards in 2006.  Here's an episode of the show 
that focused on literature and authors.  Thank you Pixcom International!


KettleSpace is a coworking space in New York City.  We are a proud member and happy to provide a
consistent stream of videos for their social media campaigns.  Thank you Kettlespace!


The event industry is gigantic in the Big Apple.  We have covered so many in the past 10 years.  
The Exit Planning Institute is a regular client of ours.  Thank you EPI!